Jeff writes:

"I brought a very challenging job to Shawn that no one else I contacted would touch; multiple people/companies referred me to him since the plate was de-bossed instead of embossed, which is difficult to restore and pretty rare apparently. My mom gave me the plate, which she and my dad got back in 1969, so we can keep it in the family. She had it restored in 1992 with a film/decal over the de-bossed plate to mimic the look and colors but that restoration was cracking and peeling (not surprising after 20+ years). Anyway, Shawn told me what he would do to restore the plate to better-than-new condition and he delivered on his commitment in a timely manner. I am very pleased with my "new" museum-quality plate and have installed it on my daily use vehicle for the world to see. I can hardly wait to show it to my mom!"


Jeff writes:

OMG these tags are outstanding. You have out done yourself! I am so pleased. Worth every dollar!! I will recommend you to anyone! Thank you.


Larry writes:

1935 Florida plate came in today & WOW you did it again. Simply amazing what you do Shawn. Now lets get down to business, I figure the only way you can make that plate look so good is with a time machine you have invented. You went back & got the original plate from the factory, didn't you. Ok, I want in on the next trip :})


Rob writes:

WOW! Hi WOW Shawn WOW !!! Showed this to the family -- over for a cookout -- and everybody says WOW!!!! Really THANK YOU for an EXCELLENT job !! I really appreciate your attention to detail!!! This plate will definitely wow the show judges and spectators!


Tom writes:

Absolutely out of this world. I have no idea how in the world you can come up with this results. As I told you, I am a member of the Greater Baltimore Model A Club and the members love to have the YOM plates on their cars and have them in near perfect condition. I will be sure and show your artistic work at the next meeting and a picture in the next club's news letter.


Robert writes:

Got the plate today, looks incredible! Thanks for the fantastic job!


Dave writes:

My old Ky. plate came in todays mail. I am amazed at what you did. I really am happy with it. Thank you.


Michael A. writes:

Thanks for the exceptional job you did on my 1952 Florida tag. It looks fantastic and will look great on the back of my Cadillac. I'll be sending you another tag in the near future and will recommend your services to others. Michael A.


Rich writes:

Hey Shawn ... even though I've been a disc- jockey for going on 54 years I still don't have words to do justice in describing the incredible resoration you've done on the '47 plates for my
'50 Lincoln ... the work is utterly fantastic, perfect would be a better word. They look positively dazzling!

If everyone worked up to your standard this would be a better country. Hats off for a great job supurbly done. If ever I can
do anything to help you increase your business and spread the word just let me know!!


Tod writes:

I wanted an excellent looking original 1955 Michigan license plate for our car, so I contacted Restore-a-Tag... I received our plate today and the quality and workmanship is EXCELLENT!!! ... Shawn does EXCELLENT work and I've had him restore a few other plates for me. I receive absolutely nothing in return for my endorsement....I just wanted to pass along a company that you can trust and does great work.


Larry writes:

You did a GREAT Job! The plate was a real mess but you restored it to a shape that is better than new. The plate is over 50 years old and you made it look new. As you are aware, the plate was once my father's and my father would be very proud of how it looks today, thanks to you. I can never thank you enough. The Rhinebeck plate means more to me than you will ever know.


Bob writes:

Shawn, if anyone were to tell me I would spend $500.00 on a motorcycle tag restoration and a custom made polished stainless steel frame, I would have told them they were nuts. Then I received your work of art. Shawn I'm shocked, the level of craftsmanship is beyond belief, I'm afraid to mount it on the bike for fear it will be robbed. All I can say is Thank you so much, it was worth every penny and more. You really are the best!


Steve writes:

Hey Shawn. Yes, I received it two hours ago. And I must say it exceeded all expatiation's. It's FANTASTIC!!! You sir, are an artist by any standard. I can't thank you enough for sending the photos of the various stages of completion. They make me appreciate the finished product even more. I would be honored to have my plate out on your website. Just say I have never seen a masterpiece like this created out of old rusty discarded license plates before.

Again, thank you for your attention to detail and all the communication along the way which kept me abreast of what was going on.

I am amazed at the quality of work you do. I have examined my SDE-1 plate a dozen times and marvel at the workmanship you do. No one would ever imagine that it didn't leave the DMV in 1966 and just wasn't used. It's a joy to behold as it brings back a flood of memories from my youth.

  Chris from Chrome Shop Mafia writes:

What an outstanding restoration. The before and after picture are so hard to believe. To think that someone has this kind of talent, to preform this unremarkable work, is just priceless. Shawn you need to come work for us. You are truly a very talented and gifted person.

I still cannot believe what I'm holding in my hands. Thanks Again.

Michael writes:

I just received the tag. It is absolutely perfect in every way. I looked like a kid at christmas, opening the box. I will reccomend you to everyone! You can definately count on me doing more biz with you in the future. Once again, thanks for a beautiful tag.


Fred M. writes:

Hi, just a note to let you know how pleased I am with my restored set of 1929 Maryland Dealer tags. You do outstanding work. I took them to my local DMV & the supervisor there said he had never seen a set like them and they also looked better than any restored tags he had seen!!!