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RestoreATag license plate restoration for antique car collector Peter Kalikow, as featured in HotRodHotline.com
Check out this exceptionally rare 1910 plate from our personal collection.

While my family has been collecting license plates for over 30 years, I founded this company after I starting my own personal collection. The antique license plates that I found contained rust, dents, dimples, extra holes, peeling paint, and more. In the beginning, I sent some plates out for restoration – and was very disappointed in the results. As a metal fabricator by trade and a perfectionist at heart, I embarked on developing a process to fully restore license plates to their original - if not better - quality. 

After many hours of research and tinkering with different techniques, I developed an extensive, unique and incredibly effective process that truly separates RestoreATag from other restoration vendors.  I encourage you to review our work and testimonials to see for yourself. And check out our pricing, too.

As a member of the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA) member, I believe nothing completes the overall appearance of your classic car more than a perfectly restored license plate.  Let RestoreATag create the perfect tag for you. Contact me today at 410-703-3873 or info@restoreatag.com.

Shawn Mahaney

PS - I owe my success with Restore A Tag to my family. For many years, my grandparents, John and Doris Stancliff, owned and operated Stancliff's Restaurant on Rt. 450 in Lanham, MD. RestoreATag truly began here because my attention to detail and craftsmanship comes directly from my grandmother. She is truly my idol.

Besides my grandmother, I owe tremendous thanks to my mother for her dedication and patience with me, and to my stepfather Tim, who showed me that hard work definitely pays off. And last but not least, my wife Lynette, who has always supported me, for better or for worse. For all of this, I say thank you and I love you all!

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