RestoreATag, the nation's premier license plate restoration company, uses an extensive, unique and incredibly effective process to turn even the ugliest, rustiest tag a beauty to behold. 

In addition to restoring vintage tags, RestoreATag also creates custom license plates for virtually any state or any year. We can put your name, make, date, or other word or phrase as long as it fits on the tag.

RestoreATag works both with the largest and most famous car collectors as well as regular joes restoring old cars in their garages. We'd love to work with you, too.

I encourage you to review our work and testimonials to see for yourself. And check out our pricing, too.

Need something other than a license plate restored? Then call RestoreATag because we perform many other restorations, too. Check out our Other Restorations page.

Let RestoreATag create the perfect tag for you. Contact 410-703-3873 or